We Do Retro Digital Marketing As An International Distribution Channel

For now, we have established marketing offices in five different countries, we export the products of SMEs in Turkey, but also import and export the goods of the producers in the countries we operate.

Our task is to market our suppliers' products in the countries where our offices are located. In response to requests from our offices, we buy products from our suppliers in Turkey and we do export operations.

A1 Global, by passing SMEs through its own filter; It includes strong producers SMEs, which produce in accordance with international quality standards, into its supplier network.

We do not charge any membership fee or commission from our SMEs, which we choose as suppliers and want to be included in the system. Our expectations from our suppliers are; R&D, quality production, competitive export prices, quality product images and detailed product information and documents.

By presenting the products of our suppliers to our customers in the relevant countries through the websites of our foreign offices, we have digitized and continue to improve the demand supply processes.

Therefore, in order to be able to carry out marketing and sales activities in the countries we are in, visuals and detailed product information of our suppliers' products must be available in digital environment.

If the visuals and detailed product information of our suppliers' products are available in digital environment, we can create product cards in our system and present them to foreign markets.

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The sectors we offer abroad via our websites.

  • Smart City
  • Lighting
  • Electricity
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Build
  • Chemistry
  • Machine
  • Mechanical
  • Furniture
  • Sport
  • Agriculture
  • Textile